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Lake Livingston is a man-made reservoir on the Trinity River and is the 2nd. largest lake in the State of Texas, located just 70 miles north of Houston and 175 miles southeast of Dallas. It is 39 miles long and 7 miles at the widest point. The lake covers over 95,000 acres, with 450 miles of shoreline. The average depth is 23' and the deepest point of 90' is located close to the dam.


Lake Satellite Map


View from bridge


Clouds over lake


More Clouds


Lake Lamp


Lake rocks


A path to lake


Lake Chairs


Waterfront Lodge


Lodge pier


Tree and piers


Pier, State Park


View from Park


Golden sunset


Orange sunset


Pink Sunset


Palms at sunset


Blanchard Park


Blanchard ramps


Boat House


Another boat house


getting ready!


Jet Skis




Sail Boat




Light boats


7 pound catch


225 pound catch






Cranes and Pelicans


Beacon Bay view


Restaurant Bar


Lakefront House


Lakefront Houses


The Dam


Dam at dawn


Flowers at lake


Refreshing splash








RV's at sunset



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